Top Reasons To Visit Kerala – Why Visit Kerala?

If you are looking for a place for your holidays where you get natural beauty and calm atmosphere where you go refreshing, if your body and soul feel at peace, then there are such places in India that are Kerala . Looking at the beauty of Kerala, it is called the country of God also. Kerala is a place where holidays can be spent for any Bhhi tah Honeymoon, vacation, holidays, family trip can be spent here . Here are the beaches on the beach
There are also high mountains, whose beauty is seen to be a Bhai Mantra
Kerala has large gardens of coconut . Here are the land of elephant, rich culture and gatho parampars , Many people from around the world come here . Kerala’s secularist is an integral part of India’s culture Including the different aspects of art like food, clothing, etc. Kathakali and MohiniNatyam are the main dance here .

Beautiful Tree House

Kerala was established on 1st November, 1956, its capital is Trivananthapuram Its state languages are Malayalam and English . The area of this state has 380863 classmates. It is India’s most advanced state, its salinity rate is 100% . Kerala is the only state in India where aurveda is a main drug . Munnar is the most famous hill station of South India, with three Nadiya Kundali, Mudkunja and Nalthani. Here is the 1,584 maternal mortal on the rear west. Are located at the height of here are green tea gardens on 80,000 millennia . I am located near Kumarakom Kottayam . It is one of Kerala’s main attractions. Here are 14 acre bird sanctuaries . Here are some types of birds Many people come to Kerala to enjoy aurally massage , Ayurveda Massage I am famous all over the world
You can take this Ayurvedic Massage from Varkala Beach .

Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

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