10 Most Mysterious and Interesting Places in India

We’ve usually heard from our parents and society rant that the Republic of India is a land of mysteries and puzzled wherever the notion came from. Well, we’ve finally come with the a solution for you! Republic of India actually has millions of secrets buried deep in its most off-the-wall of places, that either leave individuals wide skew-eyed with shock after they study them. India is a diverse country and lots of secrets reveals in the past time, but there is still more to reveal. Let’s Check out a list which reveals till now

1 . The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, Uttarakhand, India

The Roopkund trek is an energizing expedition from the high altitude region in Uttarakhand at 3200m. The the trek of roopkound really adventurous and it attract tourist here. Going by legends, the ‘Mystery Lake’ is immersed and circled by many skeletons that is that the major attraction of this trek. The skeletons happen to belong to pilgrims who fell to their deaths because of the sudden natural calamities.

2. Iron pillar of Delhi, India

The Iron pillar of Delhi is 23 feet 8 inches high with 16 inches diameter structure, was constructed by a King Chandra and the weight of pillar around 6,000 Kg and this pillar still standing in Qutb Minar, Delhi. For last thousand year the pillar not undergone corrosion, and appears to not have ruste next over a thousand years. This is really a mystery.

3. Mummy Of Sangha Tenzin, Himachal Pradesh, India

500-year-old mummy found in Himachal Pradesh sounds awkward, but this is true information. this is awkward because india is Hindu and Muslim country and in these religion, Hindu burn the dead body , Muslim bury the body, however in Himachal one place where 500 years old mummy preserved. This mummy is well preserved and you’ll see its dark taut skin, remains of some hair on the head and his teeth open through skinny lips.

4. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan , India

Bhangarh Fort is known because the most haunted places in Rajasthan, India, and this fort famous for its unsolved mystery. There’s no questioning the fact fact that something related to the supernatural attracts an enormous quantity of attention and also the deserted town of Bhangarh cashes in on its very plan . The numerous haunted stories of Bhangarh Fort still alive and not solved.

5. Vrindavan Gardens, Uttar Pradesh , India

Vrindavan is a place packed with mystery. If the devotees and locals are to be believed, not only Lord Krishna visits this place, however he additionally conducts his Ras Leela each single night here.

6. Adam’s Bridge ( Ram Setu ), Tamil Nadu , India

The Debate on Ram setup is going on from last many years, but it is still mystery some community says its a natural, but Hindu community says this bridge was constructed up by Lord Rama and his Vanara (monkey) army. This bridge connects the Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.

7. The Village of Twins, Kerala , India

A Kerala village with more than 400 pairs of twins that continues to be a mystery to researchers. This is really a mystery useuly in our society twin cases are very less from out of 1/100 case, but in this village ratio more than 50 out of 100. In October 2016, a joint team of researchers from various institutions, including CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Kerala, University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) and University of London and Germany visited the village to find answers to this phenomenon.

8. Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine, Maharashtra , India

Can faith really move mountains?
can belief melt the massive mountains?
can devotion tame the cruelest of animals?
These might sound fanciful and mythical, but once we look into few places of worship, even today, we tend to square measure over forced to believe that there some legendary power that helps in creating the unbelievable to happen. faith World in its effort to motivate such attention-grabbing mysteries, presents the foremost famed Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah in Pune.

9. Ananathpura Lake Temple, Kerala, India

Visiting a 1000-year recent temple dedicated to Lord Ananthapadmanabha encircled by a lake will be a peaceful expertise for every fan. This ninth century temple is that the original abode of the supernatural being of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Ananthapura Lake Temple is found on a rocky hill in an exceedingly remote, isolated space within the middle of the Ananthapura Lake. The temple close toly|is sort of} eighteen kilometers far from Kasargode district in Kerala near Kumbla. The presiding supernatural being within the temple is sitting on the Adisesha, the serpent god and it’s accessible solely by a bridge. A Vegetarian crocodilian named Babia is actually another attraction of this temple that is nearly one hundred fifty years recent. This is not a joke in this temple Crocodilian is real a Vegetarian.

10. Jatinga, Assam – Where Birds Commit Suicide , India

Over the last a hundred years, thousands of birds have flown to their death over a little strip of land in Jatinga, India. In a very city of solely two, 500 people, this flaky Atlantic of fowl death remains mostly unexplained, despite studies by India’s most prestigious ornithologists.

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