Robotic Vacuum cleaners

Why Use Robotic Vacuum cleaners?

Most of the quality Robot Vacuum Cleaners comes with five pre-programmed patterns in order to provide the most efficient and effective cleaning possible. You should experiment with the settings, depending on the kind of cleaning you’re looking for and the kind of flooring you have.

The five pre-programmed patterns in most of the best vacuum cleaners on the equipment allow it to move around freely, but it does not have a sensor that more expensive models have. It does have a cliff-sensing feature though, which helps it avoid stairs and steps.

It works directly on hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, linoleum flooring and some low profile carpeting, although it is not going to work on shag carpeting at all. In fact, it will become jammed and start to unravel the carpeting should it be used on shag.

Benefits of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Robot Vacuum cleaner is a bit of a surprise in the price department, very competitively priced for a premium brand name. It get is name “whiskers” from its long collector brushes that are designed to pick up a high volume of pet hair. 

It excels in this, and many pet or animal owners in residential sectors with long haired animals swear by this model. the robot vacuum cleaner does suffer from many of the common frustrations of robot vacuum ownership, and is known for trapping itself behind furniture. It is a model that requires much more supervision and is not as autonomous as other top models.

Who Should Use It

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are an excellent choice that is not as costly as other models. Some robot cleaners end up costing close to $500 a pop, and while these do have some extra features, it is a bit pricey for someone to spend on a vacuum cleaner. This Infinuvo vac provides an excellent option for cleaning, without spending that much amount of money.

This little machine is good for a house that doesn’t have much carpeting at all. While it can handle some carpeting, it doesn’t perform as well as other vacuum cleaners. So if your home is fully carpeted, this particular model is not best for you.

Who Shouldn’t Use It

For starters, if your house is full of carpets and rugs, this is not the vacuum for you. Also, another issue some people have is the dirt/dust compartment is rather small. 

For a home without pets this is not going to be a problem. However, for a house that does have a dog, especially a dog that sheds, this is simply not going to work well, as you will be removing the dirt compartment and emptying it out frequently, and long hair can cause it to clog and break down. There are other models designed to work inside homes with animals in order to pick up the hair, I would recommend the robot vacuum cleaner.

The iRobot roomba is an excellent addition to your home, if you do not have many furnitures, do not have pets and have an open floor plan.

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