8 Tips & Tricks To Stay Healthy During Monsoon

With the arrival of the rainy season, we start enjoying outside weather, start wearing jackets and enjoying a sip of hot coffee or hot soup. But, the rainy season also brings various dangerous things along with it, usually in the form of diseases such as dengue and various other viral and bacterial infection. Monsoon is accompanied by a high level of humidity as well.

Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that we can implement to stay healthy and wealthy during this highly humid rainy season. Have a look at the following tips:

1 Properly Wash Your hands

Monsoon season sustains favorable condition for the breeding of harmful bacteria and viruses. You can come in contact with these by just crossing the road or holding an infected railing or bench. To prevent yourself from falling ill, wash your hands properly with soap and water.

2 Reduce Humidity Level Inside Your House

High level of humidity is the main reason behind the breeding of various harmful diseases. Therefore, you should reduce the humidity level inside your house. You should start taking shorter and cold baths, place households plants outside the house, use kitchen exhaust fans while preparing food and install latest technology air conditioning system such as air conditioning Sydney.

3 Stop Touching Face Again And Again

Usually, the flu virus enters our body by our eyes, mouth, and nose. You should try to resist the urge to scratch your eye or to remove the sweat from your face. Purchase some napkins and wipe your sweat with them rather than using a handkerchief.

4 Prevent Yourself From Accumulated Water On Roads

During monsoon, accumulated water on roads is a common issue. Unfortunately, collected water for a long duration of time can lead to water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, influenza, and fungal skin infections. The best way to prevent yourself from these diseases is to cover up yourself properly. This trick will help you in leading active life during the rainy season. In addition to the jacket, you should also purchase a pair of rain boots. Commonly in the rainy season, many commuters prefer to wear rubber slippers rather than cover shoes. The reason behind this is that rubber slippers dry fast and offers high-level of comfort. But, if you prefer to wear slippers then you will be at high risk of getting in touch with contaminated elements. Thus, rain boots are the best possible solution to remain comfortable and protect yourself from contamination.

5 Say No To Street Food

Eating street food during rainy season sounds a good idea, but you should stay away from them. Food items prepared in the open air have a high probability to get infected after coming in contact with various air-borne and water-borne bacteria and viruses. You should eat only fresh and home-cooked meals. These are not just good in taste but healthy as well.

6 Keep Mosquitoes out Of The House

Due to stagnant water in monsoon, mosquitoes start breeding and become a more common issue for spreading diseases. You should keep mosquitoes away from your house by regular house cleaning. Inspect every area of your house where you suspect stagnant water such as flower pots, fountains, nooks, crannies and etc. You should clean them properly and cover the, for the rainy season. Use slather mosquito repellent, apply it on your body, especially if you are going outside. To get rid of mosquitoes inside your house, you should also install good quality air- conditioner such as ducted air conditioning Sydney. Air conditioning system opposes a favorable environment for mosquitoes breeding.

7 Drink A Lot Of Herbal Tea

Do you know that herbal tea has various curative features? Yes, herbal tea is full of surprising features and help us in preventing from coughs, colds and sore throat. These are common ailments during monsoon. If you want to reap some extra benefits from herbal tea, you can also add some body
warming agents such as cloves, ginger, basil, and mint. These ingredients will not just add health benefits but also improve the taste of your tea.

8 Start Using Eucalyptus Oil

If you want to breathe pure air and relax your entire body then there could be nothing better than the aroma of eucalyptus oil. During monsoon, eucalyptus oil can act as your best friend. If your nose gets clogged due to flu or suffering from any other disease, use eucalyptus oil. This oil is also helpful in reducing strain on body and mind. You can use this oil in various ways and heal your body. Dilute it in water and use it to steam your face.

Final words

The rainy season is enjoyable do not spend it with flu and with various other infections. Use above- mentioned tips and live your rainy season healthily and fine.

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